In October of 1992, twenty gentlemen gathered to discuss the birth of a new organization on the Santa Clara University campus. There was a need for something different the university did not offer. This need became an interest group of Nu Alpha Kappa fraternity to be known as Hermanos de la Comunidad.

The idea of starting a new chapter of Nu Alpha Kappa at Santa Clara came as the result of a failed attempt to join the organization’s San Jose State chapter by two of the founding fathers, Shawn Herrera and Alberto Cruz. According to the bylaws of this fraternity, one had to be a student of the school for which he was pledging. Frustrated by this rule, Shawn and Alberto decided to start up what has now become the ETA Chapter of Nu Alpha Kappa.

During a MEChA meeting one night, Shawn made an announcement for those wishing to start up a Latino fraternity. Those interested were to indicate on a sheet of paper their name, year, major, hone number, and interest level. Those who signed up were contacted and gathered to formally establish “Hermanos.” They agreed this chapter was not only going to be for Latinos at Santa Clara, but for all those interested. The founding fathers wanted to start something that would color the campus, educate those not familiar with minority cultures, and help the greater community at large. The “Hermanos” concentrated on community service work and activities fostering brotherhood to prepare themselves for their presentation to Nu Alpha Kappa proving their ability to uphold the standards of brotherhood, community service, and academic excellence.

The “Hermanos” traveled to Cal Poly- San Luis Obispo and Sonoma State before being colonized as the newest chapter of Nu Alpha Kappa fraternity on Saturday, April 3, 1993. On Monday April 5, 1993, the “Hermanos de la Comunidad” took their oath of pledgeship and further were known as the ETA Chapter Prospective Founding Fathers. Their pledgeship lasted until September 18, 1993 at which point fourteen individuals became recognized as the Founding Fathers of Nu Alpha Kappa Fraternity’s ETA chapter at Santa Clara University.